Grit Sand Grit Sand

Can be used for various applications under paving, screening floors and for driveway under block paving

£77 / 850kg Bulk Bag
Kiln Dried Sand Kiln Dried Sand

Premium Kiln Dried Sand. 56 x 25KG Pre Packed Poly Bags.

£110 / 56 x 25kg
40mm MOT Type 1 40mm MOT Type 1

Provides the perfect sub-base for all driveway and patio projects.

£74.50 / 850kg Bulk Bag
Ballast 20mm Ballast 20mm

Quality 70/30 mixed sand with 20mm washed gravel.

£79.50 / 850kg Bulk Bag
Harvest Thick Natural Chiseled Coping 50mm Harvest Thick Natural Chiseled Coping 50mm

Rounded front edge wall, pool coping or bullnose step treads with gentle natural surface..

£392 / 12 Units


Gravelmaster Sustainability

At Gravelmaster we understand that we have a duty of care towards minimising our levels of pollution and waste throughout our business operations. We are forever finding techniques to reduce waste and promote re-use and recycling.

Gravelmaster continues in its research to develop further recycling methods with an aim of contributing further to the sustainable use of global resources.



Our objective is to be totally efficient throughout our operations, minimising our carbon emissions on all levels of our business is key to us. In addition to this we continue to educate and encourage all our office based staff towards further energy saving techniques.

We promote the re-use and recycling of paper and we have recently introduced energy saving light bulbs into our offices, we continue to invest in new technologies ranging from energy saving kettles to printers that print paper on both sides to improve our efficiency and resourcefulness.


Responsible Sourcing

As a keen supplier to the construction industry we are extremely conscious that our business operations and processes have an impact on people, the economy and the environment.

As a professional business such responsibility is of key importance to us and we maintain our Principles of;
Pay: At Gravelmaster we provide wages and benefits above and in line with the national legal minimum and industry standards. Wages are paid in full and on time, at agreed intervals.

Working hours:
Must not be excessive, with proper provision for sleep and resting time.

Working conditions: We aim to provide excellent working conditions for employees at all times.

Health and safety: We provide safe and hygienic working conditions, and provide regular training in health and safety to reduce the risks of fire, accident and injury.

Equality of treatment: Providing they show sufficient ability and capability, our employees will have equal access and opportunities to jobs.

Environment: Gravelmaster make every practicable effort to use raw materials obtained from sustainable sources; disposing of waste and pollutants in an efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner; minimising energy usage; and abide by international, national and sector codes of practice.

We are at all times committed to providing our customers with a high quality  product while at the same time it is important that we have complete confidence that all our materials are from a responsible source. We currently supply our products on wooden pallets, our suppliers are registered and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, this guarantees to ourselves and our customers that the wooden pallets that we use have been manufactured using timber from renewable managed forests.